Dissemination | Activity Status: Closed

Estimating Efficiency of Joint HIV and Reproductive Health Service Tranche 1


This activity helps produce new evidence on improving efficiency and effectiveness of HIV prevention through combining it with reproductive health services and delivering it as RBF. Tranche 1 (of 3) supports the development of methodology and evaluation design for statistical modeling of averted HIV cases. The models can be used worldwide and will be tested in Zimbabwe.




Closed.  The reports have been presented to the stakeholders for feedback as well as at the AIDS 2018 conference in Amsterdam in July 2018.  The evaluation concludes that (a) the administration of the HIV and reproductive care as combined leads to better patient outcome, as evidenced by 90,000 transmissions averted including 12,000 mother-to-child transmissions in 2011-2015 and (b) that hospital patients who receive the HIV and reproductive care as combined were more satisfied, while the patients in primary care centers and out-patient departments did not show an increase in satisfaction.  The activities supported in Tranche 3 were built on the methodological work supported under Tranche 1 and the baseline surveys supported by Tranche 2.