Solar Power Lights Up Rural Bolivia

GPOBA was instrumental in extending access to electricity to many remote communities, households and schools in Bolivia.

"This video is one of several case studies in the State of Energy Access Report, supported by the World Bank’s Energy Sector Management Assistance Program (ESMAP).

Solar panels are an economical option for more than 360,000 rural Bolivian households in remote areas that are not easily reached by power lines."

Working Together to Increase Access to Renewable Energy in Bangladesh

"Bangladesh has one of the world’s largest domestic solar power programs, covering 14 percent of the population. This achievement was made possible through a longstanding partnership wherein the government and the World Bank worked together to expand access to clean and renewable energy, especially in rural and remote areas." GPOBA partnered with the World Bank/IDA and IDCOL to make solar irrigation and solar home systems more affordable.

Using market finance to extend water supply services: lessons learned from peri-urban and rural Kenya

Launched to coincide with the World Bank's Water Week (April 4-8, 2015), "Using Market Finance to Extend Water Supply Services: Lessons Learned from Peri-urban and Rural Kenya" describes the GPOBA Community Microfinance Project in Kenya,  explaining how leveraging donor funds can help meet the challenges of providing water to poor communities lacking access to commercial financing.