IFC Corporate Award Recognizes West Bank Solid Waste Management Project

Credit: IFC

The West Bank Solid Waste Management project, supported by GPOBA, was the recent recipient of the IFC’s Corporate Award, which recognizes team projects and initiatives considered to have significant and lasting impact on IFC and its clients. 

The project represents the first public-private partnership in the West Bank and Gaza, and is an exemplary model of intra-WBG collaboration in a fragile and conflict-affected state.  GPOBA coordinated with the IFC and World Bank to ensure the sustainability of the project through the innovative use of OBA funds. 

This was also a pioneering example of the private sector’s involvement in the provision of basic infrastructure services in the West Bank and Gaza; in this case, approximately 840,000 poor residents from the Hebron and Bethlehem governorates will benefit from this new approach to waste collection and management.