Technical Assistance | Activity Status: Closed

Pakistan: Results-Based Financing for Municipal Services in Karachi


This activity supported the development of a results-based performance-grant framework to improve the Karachi metropolitan area’s institutional capacity to deliver critical municipal services. It also supported citywide strategic investments in integrated stormwater drainage and municipal solid waste management (SWM). These are components of the World Bank-financed Karachi Urban Management Project (KUMP).  

Karachi From Above
Karachi from above;  Photo: BilalHassan88 / Wikipedia Commons



Closed. The $230m CLiCK project was approved with the timeline of mid-2019 to mid-2024 and consists of four components (performance-based grants, property tax administration, city competitiveness, solid waste management). This activity has supported embedding RBF into the administration of performance grants to Karachi local councils (Component 1) proposed strategic improvements in solid waste management (Component 4). A system of citizen feedback in the course of provision of basic services is among the RBF triggers. Because solid waste has emerged as a strong priority in Karachi, the largest city in Pakistan with close to 20 million people, the government of Sindh has requested a separate World Bank lending operation for collection, transfer, and safe disposal of solid waste under which GPRBA provided support. This activity was extended from October 2019 to May 2020 to cover early-stage implementation. The technical notes on performance-based block grant and solid waste management that informed the CLiCK operation have been finalized while a knowledge note documenting lessons learned and replicability to other metropolitan areas will be available for review and dissemination in the next reporting period.