Dissemination | Activity Status: Closed

OBA and the Universe of Results- Based Financing


The project will identify and map the major players in results-based financing (RBF), understand how the scope of RBF has evolved and the current recognized definition, and analyze general trends in RBF. The work will include a specific component on hybrid projects that combine RBF with PPPs and other specialized instruments. The analysis is designed to expand GPOBA’s network and generate opportunities for GPOBA to collaborate with important RBF thought leaders and practitioners to share knowledge and experiences, and develop a baseline of information on the RBF universe. The outcome of the assignment will be a report or a presentation.


Closed. The activities were completed and the funding was fully disbursed in the previous reporting periods. The timeline was extended from June to December 2015 to embed the materials in a range of OBA Center of Expertise activities and the GPOBA strategy. .