Dissemination | Activity Status: Closed

Knowledge – Content Management


This activity includes 2 components: 1) creating publications on best practices and lessons learned in OBA/RBF projects and related RBF initiatives; and 2) maintaining the databases that are knowledge repositories of collected knowledge for further refinement and repurposing. 


Closed. The activities have been completed. In this reporting period three Lessons Learned series publication have been finalized: Output-Based Aid for Municipal Solid Waste Management in Nepal, Expanding Electricity to Low-Income Customers in Liberia, and Improving Electricity Access for Low-Income Households in Zambia. This activity did not have expenses in this reporting period because the deliverables were paid for previously. However, GPRBA staff was disseminating these knowledge products during July-December 2018 and will continue to do so. The activity was extended from August to December 2018 to allow more time for completion.  Overall, this strategic approach to content management with a multi-year budget proved useful. Specific lessons have been reflected in the completion document.