Dissemination | Activity Status: Closed

GPOBA Website Renewal Phase 2


The objectives of the activity were to:
1. Redesign to reflect intuitive structure and user-friendly navigation, including:
  allowing  more  meta-tagging,  filling in “whitespace”,  adding advanced search for publications, high visibility of content cross- pollination on subpages;
  integrating Topic/Sector/Regional pages, integrating Cophili
  Community of Practice including space for member  profiles,  member engagement, discussion, blogs, photo gallery, etc.);
  tablet friendliness   and   low- bandwidth accessibility.
2. Redevelopment and implementation of the new design using the current content management system, Drupal.


The project closed as planned, meeting the deliverable regarding the maintenance of website in terms of functionality and dynamic display of information and links. More photographs and visual content were also integrated in the website.