Dissemination | Activity Status: Closed

GPOBA Knowledge Strategy – Innovation


This activity consists of five main areas chosen to stimulate innovation amongst OBA/RBF practitioners on OBA/RBF concepts and potential projects: crowdsourcing, competitions, ideas/innovation submissions, knowledge silo-breakers (World Bank’s mechanism for facilitating collaboration), and hackathons (competition for graphic designers/software designers whose contribution can be used for results monitoring, civic engagement and social accountability). 


Closed. In this reporting period, innovations from Indonesia’s Local Government Decentralization Project were highlighted through two podcasts and an e-zine. The project improved reporting and accountability of the government of Indonesia's intergovernmental transfer system for the infrastructure sector. Also, GPOBA hosted the fourth annual "Inn-OBA-tions Awards" in January 2017, where the Nepal Village Micro Hydro Project was presented with the top prize for its innovative use of RBF. The RBF instrument was linked to greenhouse gas reduction as a result of the micro-hydro plants for remote mountain communities.